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CAMP DATES: note: if the camp is full and you would like to be put on a waiting list, email your child’s name, and the camp they want to go to, to veronica@naranjomuseum.org.

CAMP FULL: Dinosaurs & Art 1st-3rd Grade: May 30th-June 2nd (four-day week) (deadline May 23):  Creating art, learning how to draw dinosaurs and other creatures, practicing early methods of creating art, exploring how scientist know what dinosaurs looked like.

Dinosaurs & Art 4th-7th Grade: June 5th-9th (deadline May 29): Learning how to draw dinosaurs by looking at their skeletal structure, exploring  how the depictions of dinosaurs have changed over the years and how scientist make educated guesses on what dinosaurs look like, practicing ancient methods of creating art, exploring the relationship between science and art. 

CAMP FULL: Space Exploration 1st-3rd Grade: June 19th-23rd: Exploring what we can learn about Space from right here on Earth, making space crafts, imaging what life would be like on Mars, doing Space-related crafts and experiments. 

4 Spaces Left: Space Exploration 4th-7th Grade: June 26th-June 30th (deadline June 22) :  Learning about the History of Space exploration and how it differs from today, doing Space Mission simulations and problem solving, conducting Space-related experiments and activities, learning about the Orion Program and future plans for Space exploration. 

CAMP FULL: Dinosaurs & Paleontology 1st-3rd Grade: July 10th-14th (deadline July 3):  Learning what it is like to be a paleontologist, doing crafts and activities that are similar to the work of paleontologist, learning about different dinosaurs and where their fossils can be found, exploring what we can learning from a fossil. 

CAMP FULL: Dinosaurs & Paleontology 4th-7th Grade: July 17th-21st: Researching real paleontologist and their discoveries, doing a dig simulation and the steps taken to preserve fossils and data, doing experiments and crafts related to the work of paleontologists,  learning all the information available by looking at fossils. 

CAMP FULL: Earth Science 1st-3rd Grade: July 31st-August 4th (deadline July 24) : Learning about the Earth through crafts and experiments, learning how to make new things from recycled items, learning how to take care of the world around us.

Camp Full Earth Science 4th-7th Grade: August 7th-11th (deadline July 31): Doing Earth Science-related experiments and activities, creating new uses out of recycled items, learning the importance of taking care of the world around us.


What time is Junior Ranger Camp?  Junior ranger camp is Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. Early drop off is from 7:30am-8:00am, late pickup is from 5:00pm-5:30pm.

What age groups can go to Junior Ranger Camp? We have camp weeks for kids going into 1st-3rd grade and for kids going into 4th-7th grade. It is according to the grade that your child will be entering in fall 2017.

How much is Junior Ranger Camp? Junior Ranger Camp is $85.00 per week per child.

Do you provide lunch? No, your child will need to bring a sack lunch, plenty of water and snacks to Junior Ranger Camp.

What do the children do at camp? Children take part in hands-on activities such as crafts, games and projects that have to do with the theme they are learning about that week. The camp day is broken up to where the kids have time in the museum, in the classroom and sometime outside as well.  The children also have snack/lunch breaks.

How do I register for Junior Ranger Camp? Once the dates/deadlines and online forms have been uploaded, you may register either online, at the museum or mail in forms with payment. Registration is only complete when you have (1.) turned in the completed forms and (2.)paid a deposit of $45.00. The remaining $40.00 of the camp cost is due on the first day of camp.

How does my child get a Camp T-shirt? Free Camp Shirts are an incentive for parents to register their campers early. Your child must be registered by May 12th to receive a camp t-shirt.

How can I learn more about Junior Ranger Camp? Pictures from previous camp years are posted on the Naranjo Museum facebook page and you can also contact Veronica Amoe with any questions you may have. (936)-639-3466 veronica@naranjomuseum.org.



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