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The Naranjo Museum provides the perfect backdrop for your next event! You guests will enjoy the party while viewing world class artifacts and fossils, making your party the event of the year!

Private Events at the Naranjo Museum Include:Full access to museum exhibits, facilities and classroom., museum admission for all of your guests, seven 8ftX1.5ft tables, 30 chairs, freedom and freedom decorate the museum. A museum staff member will also be on hand to assist with the event.

For more information about hosting your next event at the Naranjo Museum please contact Veronica Amoe: or call (936)-639-3466


Dinosaur Suit Rental



Want to “wow” your guests at your next event? Want to draw people to your business? Rent the Naranjo Museum dinosaur suit!

The suite will come with actor and handler to your event.

For Dinosaur suit pricing and information please call (936)-639-3466 or contact Veronica Amoe at 

Posted February 22, 2016

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Katie the Cave Bear


The Cave Bear is an extinct species of bears that lived in Europe during the Pleistocene period. It became extinct after the last Ice Age. They are the ancestors of the Brown Bear that exist today. ...

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The Dating Game

Stratigraphy – lower rocks are older and rock layers on the top are younger. Arrange the slides with the fossil animals in the correct position and hear the T-Rex growl. ...

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