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Take your students on a journey of discovery and wonderment. Plan a field trip at the Naranjo Museum of Natural History!

Guided Tours. When your group visits the museum on a field trip, they get to go on a guided tour of the museum. Guided tours of the museum get students excited about what they are viewing and of course provide a lot more information about the exhibits. To make sure students our engaged, we ask them questions about what they have learned about Natural History or simply their thoughts on a particular fossil or artifact.

Self-guided time. After a guided tour, we allow time for students to view the exhibits on their own (or in chaperoned small groups). This time is important because it allows students to view their favorite part of the museum as well as take part in the hands-on activities.

Field Trip Admission. Field trips are $5 per student. Teachers, school staff and assigned chaperons are free. Parents who are not chaperons are $5.

Scheduling a Field Trip. To schedule a field trip, it is recommended that you email Veronica Amoe at, but you can also call (936)-639-3466.


Field Trips FAQ’s

Is there a place to have lunch? Yes, we have a classroom that seats approximately 30 students for lunch. For larger groups, we are able to split the time where half the group can eat lunch and the other half can view the museum.

Can you accommodate large groups (80-100 students)? Yes, there are a few options that will help us accommodate a larger group. Many schools that bring large groups will split time between the museum and a local park. Half the students will tour the museum while the other half plays at the park and has lunch. Then the groups will switch. The recommended park is Kiwanis Park which is located less than 5 miles north of the museum in Lufkin. For slightly smaller groups, we can split the group into two and have half the group in the classroom to watch a movie while the other half tours the museum. We can work with your group to make sure you have the best field trip experience possible.

Is there a Gift Shop? What are the prices? There is a gift shop at the museum. Prices range from $.50 to $30. There are several times for under $1,$2 and $3.

For additional questions contact Veronica Amoe at




Posted December 28, 2017
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