NEW: Woolly Rhinoceros Exhibit

Coelodonta antiquitatis, or Woolly Rhino is an extinct species of Rhinoceros that lived in Europe and Asia during the Pleistocene period, over 12,000 years ago.


Ancient Artifacts

The ancient artifacts case holds pieces from some of the most influential people groups of all time: Weapons from the Roman empire, Pottery from Greece, and mummy wrappings from Ancient Egypt.


Celebrate your Birthday with the Dinosaurs!

Have your birthday at the Naranjo Museum! Parties come with full access to the event room as well as the entire museum. Add a guided tour to your party to give your guest the ultimate Museum party experience.


Junior Ranger Camp 2015

Register your child for Junior Ranger Camp 2015 today! This summer program is great for kids who enjoy learning about Dinosaurs, Science, and Earth History. Campers will take part in games, crafts, experiments, and other activities that have all to do with Natural History.


Visit The Naranjo Museum of Natural History

Tickets Price
Age 3 & under Free
Age 4 to 18 $5.00
Adults $7.50

Hours of Operation
Mon. - Sat.: 10 AM to 6 PM
Sunday: 1 PM to 6 PM

For more information, call
(936) 639-3466

Currently happening at the museum

The Dedication of Charlie Grumble’s Mars Rover Opportunity Replica


Join us as we dedicate Charlie Grumble's Mars Rover Opportunity Replica! Tuesday, May 19th, 2015 5:30pm-7:00pm Refreshments served Ever since NASA loaned their Mars Rover Replica to the Naranj ...

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Junior Ranger Summer Camp


Junior Ranger Camp is a summer program for kids who enjoy learning about Dinosaurs and early Earth.  There are camps available for kids going into 1st-7th grade.  Attached to this email is detailed ...

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Lufkin natural history museum lands NASA moon rock exhibit


The Naranjo Museum of Natural History in Lufkin unveiled an almost 4 billion-year-old moon rock display this week that is on permanent loan from NASA’s Johnson Space Center. It came from the Apollo 14 ...

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Junior Ranger Summer Camp 2015


Click here to download our Junior Ranger Summer Camp forms. Junior Ranger Camp is a fun and exciting summer program for kids who want to learn more about dinosaurs and natural history. Junior Ran ...

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Cretaceous Period: Plesiosaur, Ichthyosaur, Mosasaur, Brachyceratops and Meteorite


The Plesiosaur was a marine reptile from the cretaceous period. In the mural you can see an illustration of a Plesiosaur and above the Gem room is a replica of the skeleton of a Plesiosaur. In the cas ...

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Precambrian Eon


The Naranjo Museum has on display one of the best collections of Precambrian fossils. The Precambrian period experienced a harsh environment. The oxygen levels were extremely low and the landscape ...

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Jurassic Period


The Age of the Sauropods - Very Large Dinosaurs. Note the numerous marine creatures – Belemnties, Fish and Crayfish. At the beginning of the Jurassic Period Pangaea began shifting into two landmass ...

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