Haunted Days at the Naranjo Museum

Starting Saturday, October 7th, the Naranjo Museum will be decorated for Halloween! The decorating will be family-friendly and will allow full view of the regular museum exhibits.


Family Fright Party

Join us for a spooky and fun Halloween Party for the whole whole family! Saturday, October 28th from 4pm-6pm.  Activities for children, face painting, a costume contest and more! Join the Family Fright Party Event on facebook for regular updates!

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NEW Naranjo Museum Foundation Board

The Naranjo Museum introduces their new Foundation Board! The board is made up of local community members that will help bring natural history into the future!

Naranjo Museum Foundation Board


Go on local fossil digs! Spend the night at the Museum! Spend time with friends who are passionate about Dinosaurs! Join the VIP Family Membership program today!


Visit The Naranjo Museum of Natural History

Tickets Price
Age 3 & under Free
Age 4 to 18 $5.00
Adults $7.50

Hours of Operation
Mon. - Sat.: 10 AM to 6 PM
Sunday: 1 PM to 6 PM

For more information, call
(936) 639-3466

Currently happening at the museum

Family Fright Party

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Join us for a Frightful and Fun Halloween Party at the Naranjo Museum! SATURDAY, OCTOBER 28th from 4:00pm-6:00pm! Activity Stations Face Painting Animal Balloons Costume Contest Halloween Decora ...

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VIP Family Membership

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Click on the below link for information and a registration form: VIP Family Membership Form can be turned in at the museum at anytime! ...

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NEW Fossils added to the Cambrian Exhibit

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Thirty-three fossils have been added to the Cambrian Exhibit. These fossils were found in California and were collected by Dr. Neal Naranjo and Jennings Naranjo II . The fossils were added in Septembe ...

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Devonian Period

Here you will find a comprehensive collection of marine animals, plants, and life forms representing the Devonian Period. The diorama is a comprehensive representation of the fossil collection. The a ...

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Radiometric Dating and Cretaceous North America, Dig Pit


Radiometric dating is a process used to date rocks and fossils after they are found. Willard F. Libby was one of the first men to understand and discover this process. He won the Nobel Prize in 1960 f ...

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Cretaceous Period: Champsosaur, Mary Ann Hadrosaur, Velociraptor and Pterosaur


This scene depicts an ocean scene in Texas during the Cretaceous. There are fossilized ammonites, which were fairly common, and fossilized oysters. In this scene is the skull of a Champsosaurus. The v ...

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Become a Member

INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP $30 - Free Admission for 1 year - Quarterly Newsletter - Special invitation to Members-only events FAMILY MEMBERSHIP $60 - Free annual admission for two named adults and all ...

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