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Bringing Ancient History to Life

For a child growing up in rural East Texas there are limited cultural and educational opportunities outside of the classroom. The amount of time and money it costs to travel to museums in metropolitan cities like Houston and Dallas can be overwhelming for a family, and with budget cuts looming, the likelihood that schools can continue to send students on field trips to distant towns is slim. The truth is, these museums and the educational discoveries they create are simply out of reach for many East Texas families.

East Texas Children

An East Texas Museum for East Texas Families

The Naranjo Museum is excited to announce the support of our community board members. Thanks to educators in East Texas, local elected officials, and research facilities like Woodland Heights Hospital the Naranjo Museum offers a unique experience for the children of East Texas.

We will offer space for community events, educational programs and school visits to bring ancient history to life.

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More Than Just a Museum

The educational exhibits take the viewer from the beginning of the dig and the various tools used through the stages of the excavation including plaster jacketing of the specimen.

Unique to the Naranjo museum are 5 dinosaur eggs believed to be more that 68 million years old. Through the innovative use of medical technology, Dr. Neal Naranjo was able to produce scans of the embryos. The eggs, embryos and picture of the adult dinosaur are included in the exhibit.

East Texas Scientific Research

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